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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WEEK 11 | Remuneration

I found the presentation quite informative and interesting. Throughout the presentation they would relate back to our course & because it is our final year it was relevant. They also related it back to their own projects and broke it down in simple points
"- employer - contractors (UNSW)
 -- free to accept and reject work
 -- in a position to make a profit or a loss
 -- free for students to work on their own 
- employees - students (us)
 -- little control over hours of work
 -- perform duty of job position as students
 -- work hours set by agreement
 -- don't take affect from loss or profit of UNSW" 
They spotted limitations, no set statistics on arch comp students specifically. Overall the presentation was great, Jordan & Hayley clearly understood the topic and were knowledgeable on the topic.

Neil Hill


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