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Monday, May 4, 2015

WEEK 9 | Individual Milestone

Back brief powerpoint
Individual contribution to the back brief powerpoint included researching on a truck, excavator and a crane that are generally used in Hong Kong construction sites. Finding proper and useful interior shots of these vehicles proved to be quite difficult, but with the help of knowing our client - Gammon construction - it made finding the crane a bit easier. In terms of the excavator and the truck, we decided to use Volvo vehicles. In addition, I also found dimensions to base our modelling on - this can all be seen in slides 17-25.


Original Post 
I have been allocated the role of the interior modelling of the crane.
I will be modelling after the Liebherr 380 EC-B 16 Litronic tower crane, which is actually used in Gammon construction projects. source

I was also lucky enough to have been able to find a Google Sketchup model that was done before.
So with this model handy, I was able to use the dimensions in the sketchup file (rounded up to nearest whole number) as part of my modelling in 3ds Max.

It took a while to set up and for me to get the hang of it, as this is the first time using the software after a few years, but following this youtube tutorial has helped me immensely. I decided to begin this by modelling the chair first.

Slowly but surely!


Original Post
In my next progress video I extend from the first Chronolapse video that can be found in a previous post.
This involves making the back of the chair, joysticks, control panels, and the digital screen.
Doing the control panels with the different buttons, and different 'compartments' was the most time consuming. It took trial and error to see if what I was doing was the most efficient - lots of insetting, extruding, meshsmoothing etc. In addition to this, I was lucky that the panels and joysticks were a matter of using objects and turning them into editable poly, which I am quite familiar with so it did not take as long as I initially thought I would.

I began to have lots of problem exporting the Chronolapse images into a video as doing it in Chronolapse does not seem to work anymore. This means that exporting it into Premiere, meant that there is a lot of black space in the video which I am not sure how to fix. It also meant that the video is much larger and takes longer to upload onto YouTube.


I was lucky to get Chronolapse to start working for my third progress video. I tried to import the images from my second progress video to reupload as I am not happy with how it is at the moment, but it still did not seem to work for that one.

In regards to my progress I started using textures and testing out renders. This also meant that I put in a plane and worked with lighting.
I downloaded windscreen wipers and merged it into my 3ds max file to see how it looks in my renders.
While I was doing this I saw some issues/improvements which I would like to fix later on and will be discussing in my renders below:


What I imagine that I will be putting onto the Liebherr screen later on is information about the outside temperate, wind speed, degrees in which the crane is turned etc. If there was a way to animate this so that the numbers change it is something I want to look into.

This also goes to the same as the screen above the odometers in this render, will look into what information will be displayed there and how to make it more realistic. 

Used frosted glass here in my renders because the issue of using pure glossy glass is that it becomes difficult to tell if there are any objects actually there, which can be seen in the next render. 

I would want to get some of these buttons to flash.

Will also be looking to getting the buttons on the control panel to blink.
Also encountered an issue here in regards to the odometers. It looks very blocky which is not ideal. 

In attempt to fix the above issue, I used MeshSmooth but that intervenes with the texture that is placed there so will have to consider alternative options. 


Intellectual Property Presentation
As a group we collaborated through the use of Google Slides. We found that it is the most simple way to input all relevant information together and to see what the other group members have worked on. 
I was allocated the role of talking about our up to date Crane and Excavator 3ds Max models and how it all relates to intellectual property.  In addition, as a group we wanted to make the presentation look minimalistic and professional, so I took control of this and did the slides up in InDesign and exported it as a PDF document which can be found here

Google Slides vs. InDesign


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