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Monday, April 27, 2015

WEEK 5 & BREAK | Individual Progress

In my next progress video I extend from the first Chronolapse video that can be found in a previous post.
This involves making the back of the chair, joysticks, control panels, and the digital screen.
Doing the control panels with the different buttons, and different 'compartments' was the most time consuming. It took trial and error to see if what I was doing was the most efficient - lots of insetting, extruding, meshsmoothing etc. In addition to this, I was lucky that the panels and joysticks were a matter of using objects and turning them into editable poly, which I am quite familiar with so it did not take as long as I initially thought I would.

I began to have lots of problem exporting the Chronolapse images into a video as doing it in Chronolapse does not seem to work anymore. This means that exporting it into Premiere, meant that there is a lot of black space in the video which I am not sure how to fix. It also meant that the video is much larger and takes longer to upload onto YouTube.

Was once again absent to week 5's class.


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